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FYI, For any businessperson(s) using this service, please consider the following. As a consumer and recipient of many robocalls from companies that use Sonetel's service, as well as services similar to Sonetel's worldwide, I have quickly figured out that the "local" phone numbers that appear on my caller ID are blatant and shameless false advertising.

I no longer pick up these calls; instead, I call back the number, which usually results in a message saying the call cannot be completed, or that I have reached a Sonetel number "not associated with an account." If I do get an actual person at the other end, I tell her/him to remove my name from their call list. In any case, I then block the number. It seems that businesses who use these services for the purpose of displaying "local numbers" are immune to the US government's "Do Not Call" list rules, for which there are significant penalties for violators. I will be contacting the attorney general's office in my state, to ask if this is a loophole that needs to be addressed.

I am wondering if Class Action lawsuits are likely to follow, especially since part of Sonetel's marketing strategy openly extols the benefits of "tricking" customers into thinking that a business has a local presence, based on the appearance of a "local" telephone number. For any business thinking of employing this strategy, consider that this will backfire once your customers learn of the false "local" phone number.

I would not do business with any company utilizing this service, because it would give me great pause, causing me to wonder what other lies the business may be telling...NOT a trustworthy approach. Thank you.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Tullinge, Stockholm, Sweden #1331695
Sonetel Verified Representative

Hi Anonymous,

How do you know that the calls you are receiving comes from us?

I would appreciate if you could share examples so that we can take action.

We strictly prohibit "robocalls" using our service.

This is what our Terms & Conditions say:

"You acknowledge that each outbound call originating from your Sonetel account must be initiated manually by a human. Calls initiated by a predictive dialer or any other form of automation are not permitted."

Neither do we allow any use that breaks the law in the country of the number: "You agree to comply with any applicable laws and regulations with regard to the usage of geographical numbers as applicable in the territory to which the numbers belong" We regularly block accounts that try to misuse our service and have zero tolerance. Our mission is to make it easier for small business owners worldwide to get closer to their potential customers and increase sales. It is not with the purpose of having a "fake" identity, but only for the purpose of making it easy for international customers to reach them.

It is just a matter och being friendly. Most of our business is about inbound communication - meaning that the ultimate customer reaches our customer via an international number. Other companies may be more focussed on the outbound service (making calls) than we are - and most of our customers actually show their own mobile number when calling via our service.

So if you have any single event where you know that our service has been misused, please let me know and we will take immediate actions. Best regards, Henrik Thome CEO & Founder

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