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I have been a Sonetel customer for over 2 years. In brief, when it works (maybe 50% of the time) it's OK (not good, just OK - often the call quality is extremely poor and delayed).

However, when it doesn't work, despite polite emails from customer service, days and days go by before the matter is fixed meaning that if you rely on it for business, as I do, you are pretty much screwed. In my current situation, it's been an entire work week and it seems like they have just forgotten about my file.

I am currently looking for another provider because I cannot handle the unreliability. I thought Skype was bad, but Sonetel is sadly worse.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sonetel Phone Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Sonetel Verified Representative

Hi there Anonymous!

As you havn't provided any name I cannot validate if you really are a customer and if this review is real.

What you report sounds strange. Our system has an up-time or around 99.99% - or 99.982% in December to be precise (trending upwards).

If you are connecting to our service using VoIP however, please note that there is a wide range or problems that can occur due to your local Internet connection, your routers, firewalls etc - which are largely out of our hand - as we describe at our web site:

We can unfortunately not solve problems if they are caused by your equipment or local connections.

If this isn't the type of problem you have experienced, please share your name or account number to allow me to investigate the matter personally. Best Regards, Henrik Thomé CEO & Founder

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